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Autorema is a company of mechanical engineering applied to the transport of all type of cans, development of integral projects for the installation of new plants complete "key in hand" in all over the world, as well as the automation of processes of high production and its control of quality through the incorporation of advanced technologies as it is the field of the artificial vision.

Our constant investment in R+D+I with the mechanical and computer tools of last generation, it has allowed us to design and to elaborate products of vanguard, as well as the fact of contributing to the competitiveness of our clients by means of the patents that every year, Autorema, put into the market. All of it for several sectors such as metalgraphic, alimentary, vegetables, plastic, glass, etc.
New Products

Metal Packaging machinery

+ Non Round and Round Ends Automatic Groupers
+ End Feeders
+ Cutting Press Tin Sheet Feeders
+ Auto Vision
+ Can Magnetic Lifters
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Food Industry

+ Cans Feedings
+ End Feedings
+ Seamers
+ Can Plates
+ Lifters and Lowerers
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Second hand machinery

Metal Packaging machinery

+ Empty cannings Depalletizers
+ Magnetic lifters
+ Accumulating conveyor
+ Rollers
+ Automatic bagging machine for ends
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Food Industry

+ 1/4 oval and 3 Ro85 pack casing line
+ Tri-Pack casing machine
+ Tatxa labeler (800 cpm)
+ Boxes palletizer
+ Empty Cans Depalletazing
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Lastest News

+ International Packaging Association

+ Enfajados con Túnel de Retráctil para piezas de gran tamaño


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